Blogging in Arabic, English or both?

I started this blog about a couple of years ago, but I didn't really write much. I was posting roughly about an article per two months. One question which keeps coming to me is: which language should I use to write? Being an Arab, I'm supposed to write in Arabic. Being in the UK, it made sense to write in English. Actually, as a Tunisian, it wasn't entirely odd for me to write in French even.

Most of my writing went in English because I felt like I needed to tell the West so many things, not about myself, but about where I come from. However, I think I still feel a massive urge to write in Arabic, so I created a new blog where I will only post Arabic articles. Jeeran means "neighbours" in Arabic which is, in my opinion, what blogs are about.

This blog will receive, from now on, only English posts.. with an Arabic touch, of course.

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hadess يقول...

Bijour :)
I'd rather have it in French or English, at least I'd be able to understand your posts.