50 years on..

In the middle of the 19th century, Tunisia was still ruled by the Husseinite dynasty which has Turkish roots. The Ottoman Empire had controlled, to different degrees, the political life in Tunisia for about 3 centuries and the similarities between the Turkish and the Tunisian flags are not accidental.

As the Ottoman Empire started to wane and the colonial mouvement was at it's highest, the Italians and the French started to eye Tunisia as a potential colony. The foreign debt started to weigh heavy on the Bey's Government and they had to give in to French pressures and sign the Bardo Treaty which established the French protectorate.

On 20 March 1956 a delegation of Tunisians signed the Protocol of Independence with France after 18 days of negociations. France recognised the right of Tunisia to manage its own foreign affairs, security and defense, effectively ending 75 years of French protectorate.

The country prides itself with a relatively high standard of living, a very wide middle-class base, pioneering women status and impressive economic achievements. An utmost priority was given to Education since the establishment of the republic in 1957. Tunisia has done a pretty good job at maintaining an identity shaped by 3000 years of history while embracing modernity and this does reflect in a very welcoming and open attitude of most Tunisians. Some work still needs to be done for a more efficient press and a more active political life, but we're almost there.

Today, with fellow Tunisians, I celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence. An independence which we all owe to a few brave men who conducted a continuous Jihad in all its forms: political, cultural, unioninst and, to a lesser extent, military. The Government launched a website with a nice summary about the event.

Names like Habib Bourguiba, Farhat Hached, Mongi Slim, Habib Thamer, Mohammed Daghbagi, Hedi Ben Jaballah, Abu Al-Kassim Al-Chabbi, Moncef Bey and others will be remembered as heros..

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swifty يقول...

I remember a conference you take in ENSI,some years ago.It was really good!

swifty يقول...

I remember a conference you take in ENSI,some years ago.It was really good!

Imed Chihi يقول...


That was like 3 or 4 years back, I owe a lot to ENSI and the great professors there.. The presentation is archived at http://perso.hexabyte.tn/ichihi/projects.html


swifty يقول...

thanks,I will take a look at it,to remember those ENSI days :-)

yes great professors there: ouerghi specially !! sure you agree with me,he had a particular manner of teaching,but a wonderful one :-)))

غير معرف يقول...

Salut Imed,

je suis tombe sur ton site en faisant des recherches,

J'habite aussi le surrey et travaille a Woking

N'hesites pas a me contacter

Samir ( samirb28@hotmail.com)

+44(0)78 94 90 3685

Imed Chihi يقول...


Will try to call today or tomorrow and try to meet in Working, Surrey, GB tomorrow inshallah.