An Introduction to Islam

The University of Washington organised a series of conferences after the 11 September 2001 events aiming at making a better understanding of the context and consequences of the terrorist attacks and what happened after.

Dr Jere Bacharach professor of Middle East History and director of the Jackson School of International Studies gave an impressive presentation about "An Introduction to Islam". This is a brief, yet comprehensive, overview of the social and religious values of Islam in connection with its historical context.

There are tons of lectures about Islam, but what I find special about this one is that it's so light, factual and so easy to digest without getting into any kinds of embarrasement due to political sensitivities and such.

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You mean 11 Imed...

I find it interesting and telling though that lectures and events about Islam are invariably shaped in that "introduction to..", "the truth about..", and "what is..." style.

In short, we are still in the phase of introducing a religion that has been here for 14 centuries. I think this only signals a major problem with our globalized times. People travel, but they don't meet. They go to school, but don't learn. They socialise with foreigners in their work environment, but don't ask questions. They only "assume that...". We all hold assumptions and speculate about other cultures.

Anyway, it's always good to hear about academic events. Thanks for that!

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Thank you for pointing the mistake. I just fixed it.

I lived in California, US, in Dubai, AE, in Guildford, GB and obviously in Tunisia and I came to the same conclusions. It seems like the 14-century civilisation (it's more than just a religion) is still looked at with a mix of mideval propaganda and colonial vilification.

Some of my "closest" friends in the US were suprised to learn that my marriage was not arranged, that I spoke fluent English and that women do vote in Tunisia. At some point I felt like it was, to some extent, my fault for not explaining things and, making the same mistake, assume that others just know.

Thanks for dropping by and, by the way, you got a nice and rich blog!

Note -- "11 September 2001" was mistakenly typed "9 September 2001", corrected after a kind comment by Tarek.